Monday, July 29, 2013

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set

Last Christmas, my mother wanted ideas on what to get A for her present.  My then-2.5-year-old had a fascination with the doctor that can only come from getting recurrent croup, so I suggested a doctor kit.

Mom scoured the internet, and found the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set.  Clicky here:

Here's their visual, although I would indicate that the front of the carrying case looks just a little different:

I cannot begin to tell you how many hours of enjoyment this bad boy has caused.  My husband and I get to lie on the couch and be "sick."  A will put on her name tag and her pager, and will tell us there's an "emergency."  We then will fake-puke into the emesis basin, at which time she declares we're sick.  She then proceeds to use every single item in the kit on us at least once, including using the scissors and tong-things to cut away our clothing so she can do "surg-ry" with the scalpel.  (Some items are slightly misused, as she really likes to give us shots in our mouth.)

Here's a photo of A in action with her kit, sorry for the crappy quality of the photo but it's very hard to catch her in action:

I wish I were that flexible.

This gift was given this past Christmas, and she still plays with it on the regular at the end of July.  I can tell that it's a particularly good toy, because she will share it with absolutely none of her little friends when they come over to play.  So that's nice.

This toy has a very sturdy carrying case, and more little medical items than even I know how to use.  Batteries came installed on the few items that make noise (the pager and cell phone, the latter of which has been integrated into other games and activities), so I didn't have to get out opera glasses and the world's tiniest screwdriver to install anything.  My only complaint about the entire thing is that it took quite a while to open this because it was put together so securely, but that's not actually a complaint.

Value:  Well, it was free to us, so awesome!  It runs about $26 - this is on par with or a little above most other doctor kits available, but it has a lot more items than the average one does.  Pretty even here.
Child entertainment level:  10/10, I'd do higher if that were mathematically possible
Practicality:  10/10.  Very easy to store compactly and efficiently.


  1. Okay, with the glasses, too cute!

    1. They SO barely fit on her head. It kills me. :D