Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer

Today's post is about the Zo-li Buzz B. Nail Trimmer (LINK).  The hell I say?  Let me explain.

When A was born, she had dagger fingernails.  I don't know what she'd been sharpening them on inside there, but they were crazy.  

Luckily, I had developed a very healthy fear prior to birth about cutting infant fingernails.  I had this mental image that I was going to take the teeny baby nail clippers and, like, circumcise her little fingertip or something.  Then we'd take her to the ER, and they would take her away from us for being crappy, finger-circumcising parents.  So I sort of wanted to avoid all of that specifically.

(Hey, look, I said the "c word" two times, and it's not in reference to any debate, yay, me!  I win the internet!)

So, I googled.  A lot.  Because that's what I do, research obsessively.  And I came across the Zo-li.  It looks something like this:

The link I provided above in the opening paragraph shows other views of it, as well, including this, which shows that it comes with other little colored pads that I haven't explained yet:

So, here's how it works.  You put batteries in it first after you try and pry off the back without breaking it with your giant pregnant sausage fingers.  After you throw it once or twice, waddle over and pick it up in the squatting position, and eventually get those in, you put on the pad that is appropriate for the age range of the baby.  (Obviously I would recommend the newborn pad for a newborn, but you do whatever you have to do, if you're comfortable with finger circumcision and its repercussions.)  You then flick the little green switch thing, and the little buffer colored pad thing vibrates.  So, when you put it up against a baby's nail, it essentially sands it off.

This is not the fastest process in the world, because you have to gradually shorten the nail instead of just whacking off the whole thing.  But, it's super gentle.  I would do this while A was sleeping, and she just kept sleeping through it - which is a miracle in retrospect, because someone turning on the TV two floors down will wake her up now.  Anyway - she didn't mind or notice it at all that I was giving her a little infant manicure.

Once she got to be a few months old, however, this became less practical, as she didn't want to sit long enough for me to do this (and was more easily woken).  If you have a more sedate infant, or a good sleeper, you would probably get more longevity out of it.

When I ordered this, it was a relatively new product and very, very back-ordered, I think you could only get it through Zo-li's website (which is admittedly pretty awesome, their stuff is cute).  It's pretty readily available now, however, and much cheaper than when I got mine.  We've gotten it for multiple friends for shower gifts because it's a great newborn gift.

Anyway - so, if you feel comfortable with spending $30-ish on peace of mind and no ER trips ending with your child being taken away, this is a pretty good item.  Or else I think they may also make infant emery boards for 99 cents.  But that is less fun to review.  

Value:  $30-ish, depending on where you get it.  This isn't a bad deal at all with as neurotic as I am.  But if you're not insane, it may seem a little too much.  
Child entertainment level:  not applicable
Practicality:  3/10.  For me, very practical.  I'd gather not for most people, though.


  1. I'm also terrified of the finger circumcising. For the first few months, I didn't cut them. Mom of the year right here! But I didn't even know this type of stuff existed. You are very necessary!

    1. You are too sweet - I'm glad to know I'm not neurotic alone!!