Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Butt Stuff

I hate diaper rash.  I don't mean on me, that hasn't been an issue for some time.  I mean on little A.  It was always pretty easy for me to grab her immediately after she'd wet/soiled her diaper, since we only have her to care for - hence, we were able to keep these away pretty easily at home despite some pretty sensitive skin on our girl.  However, with her in daycare that wasn't always an option in a couple of the places she attended, and she'd come home with some pretty awful monkey butt:

(This dude is WAY too excited about monkey butt.)

I'd heard from a girlfriend with a little boy that Desitin in the purple tube was the way to go for diaper cream.  So we tried that first.  ...No.  The white creamy stuff seemed to just trap in the rash.  

Next I thought that maybe Butt Paste was a possibility to try - I mean, hey, it's called Butt Paste, what can go wrong?  Unfortunately, pretty much exactly what went wrong with Desitin.  It seemed maybe too wet.

I would use A&D Ointment (LINK), and it seemed to work better.  So, consciously or subconsciously, I just got that.

When our original provider stopped doing daycare, we had a very poor run for about three weeks with a woman who had come highly recommended.  During that time, she apparently wouldn't change A's diaper in a timely manner, and our poor girl got a staph infection on her girl bits.  We had to get some hardcore prescription cream on there to get rid of the infection.  At that time, I asked our ped about diaper rash creams, and what we should be using.  She said that A&D works best for girls in her experience because the zinc in Desitin and Butt Paste types of creams would cause little baby yeast infections, and the creaminess tends to hold in moisture.  She had us put A&D on top of the prescription junk, and it would seal it in.  We did this for a week or so, and it was gone.  (As was the provider.)

I am sure others have had different experiences, but this has been sort of a lifesaver for us having a girl.  If we ever have a little boy, I pretty much have no idea what we'll do.  That's true about puberty, too, so it probably doesn't matter much!

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